Trustee Borrower

  • Charan v CBA [2015] NSWCA 364

    19 November 2015
    The bank obtained default judgment for possession and sold the home. The husband commenced proceedings against the bank and the trustees in bankruptcy of both his son and wife who owned the home...
  • Jubilee Properties v Parkview Farm [2014] NSWSC 563

    11 May 2014
    A developer, through a trust, purchased properties to erect an apartment. The developer owned 75 units in the trust and 25 units were given to a consultant in return for his services. The developer...
  • Phillips v Southage [2014] VSCA 17

    19 February 2014
    Two brothers were the joint executors of the estate of their mother. Amongst the assets of her estate when she died were adjoining terrace houses in Fitzroy. Provision was made in her will leaving...
  • CBA v Anastasopolios [2014] NSWSC 294

    04 February 2014
    The bank sought summary judgment for the shortfall. The borrower argued that he was not personally liable, being the trustee of a family trust. The court found that contractual documents evidencing...
  • Astram Financial Services v Bank of Queensland [2010] FCA 1010

    14 September 2010
    Astram Financial Services (Astram) was established to enter into a franchise agreement with the Bank of Queensland (the Bank) to operate a franchise in Campbelltown. The Bank provided credit to...


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