Protection as to notice

  • Barlin Investments v Westpac [2012] NSWSC 699

    26 June 2012
    Westpac went to lodge their mortgage only to find that a caveat lodged after they settled blocked registration. The caveat protected a mortgage created before the Westpac mortgage was advanced. The...
  • Weller v Williams [2010] NSWSC 716

    01 July 2010
    A solicitor held a charge over the property of his former clients as security for payment of fees. The property was subject to a first registered mortgaged. A subsequent purchaser of the property...
  • Westpac v Victor Warren Ollis [2008] NSWSC 824

    14 August 2008
    In this case a large a sum of money was stolen from Westpac. Some of that money was used by the fraudster to pay out another lender's mortgages. In previous proceedings Westpac had successfully...
  • Heggies Bulkhaul v Shirlaw [2004] NSWSC 805

    26 August 2004
    This was a notice of motion seeking a declaration that the Plaintiff was entitled to have the Plaintiff’s Lease registered in priority to the mortgage between Global Minerals Australia Pty Limited...


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