Resulting Trust

  • Elddin v Hamed [2015] NSWSC 654

    31 August 2015
    A purchaser bought a bankrupt’s home, financed by a bank mortgage and also a loan from the bankrupt. The registered owner allowed the bankrupt to tenant the home for an agreed rental but when asked...
  • Xiao v Perpetual Trustees Victoria [2015] VSCA 124

    27 May 2015
    A husband obtained finance by transferring his home to his wife and applying for the loan in his wife’s name, forging her signature. The trial judge found lender was unable to rely on its mortgage...
  • Perpetual Trustees v Xiao [2015] VSC 21

    04 February 2015
    A husband wanted to purchase a restaurant but had a bad credit rating so he transferred his home to his wife and then forged her signature on the mortgage to finance his purchase. The loan went into...


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