• Spinoccia v Challenger [2010] NSWSC 1310

    14 November 2010
    When a lender sells a property pursuant to a power of sale it has an obligation to pay the GST. In this case the lender made a mistake and paid to the borrower the surplus proceeds of the sale...
  • Tam v Mannall [2010] NSWSC 250

    31 March 2010
    In this matter a property was sold at auction using 2005 edition of the Contract for Sale approved by the Law Society of New South Wales and the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales. The...
  • The Health Pit II v Lowe [2007] NSWSC 67

    05 February 2007
    The plaintiff held a second equitable mortgage and a caveat over the property. The defendant as guarantor of the first mortgage took an assignment from the first mortgagee and sold the property. The...


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