Corrupt solicitors

  • Werden v The Queen [2015] VSCA 72

    22 April 2015
    This was the appeal of a convicted mortgage fraudster, former lawyer, Gabriel Werden. It is instructive for those who wish to avoid mortgage fraud. The fraudster created an account online with SAI...
  • Rubino v ANZ [2014] NSWCA 362

    23 October 2014
    A husband and wife owned three properties, living on one and operating a flower farming business on the other two. They borrowed money from the bank. There was a dispute with the bank which...
  • Crouch and Lydon v IPG Finance Australia [2013] QCA 220

    09 August 2013
    A solicitor encouraged two investors to go into the mortgage lending business. The solicitor promptly embezzled the principle funds on five fictitious loans and used money he embezzled from the...
  • Hunt & Hunt v Mitchell Morgan Nominees [2013] HCA 10

    03 April 2013
    This is the appeal from the NSW Court of Appeal decision Mitchell Morgan Nominees v Vella [2011] NSWCA 390 . This is the first High Court case on the proportionate liability legislation. A fraudster...
  • CBA v Hamilton [2012] NSWSC 768

    06 July 2012
    Please note we have written another case note on an earlier decision in this matter. Click here to view the earlier decision. The bank successfully sued a solicitor on a forged mortgage and loan for...
  • Fitzsimons v CBA [2012] NSWSC 660

    15 June 2012
    In 2009, we last reported on this case. In that report we wrote: Proceedings for possession were resolved by the parties entering into a deed of release with provision for the lender to take...
  • Perpetual Trustee Company Ltd v Milanex (No 2) [2012] NSWCA 93

    17 April 2012
    These proceedings arose out of an earlier case where a broker received an application for finance from a 74 year-old pensioner, which was in fact completed by a friend of the broker and the broker...
  • Frost v Sheahan [2012] FCAFC 46

    27 March 2012
    A mortgagor, who later became bankrupt, allegedly granted a mortgage over his property to his solicitor, the consideration being the provision of legal work to the bankrupt. The alleged mortgage was...
  • CBA v Hamilton [2012] NSWSC 242

    13 March 2012
    This case involved sham contracts for inflated values designed to dupe the Commonwealth Bank. The wife’s signature was forged on the mortgage and loan. The court held that indefeasibility of the...
  • Ginelle Finance v Diakakis [2007] NSWSC 60

    15 February 2007
    Mortgages were fraudulently registered over the land of the defendant in early 2001 and fraudulently refinanced in late 2001. The defendant discovered the existence of the mortgages and went to the...


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