Adjournment of trial

  • Westpac v Knight Property Investments [2014] QSC 263

    22 October 2014
    The defendant was an elderly gentleman who had mostly represented himself during the course of a trial which commenced in December 2013. Due to considerable ill health, the trail had been dotted...
  • ANZ v Amico [2013] NSWSC 716

    13 June 2013
    The borrower claimed that the loan was unconscionable because misrepresentations were made in relation to the loan amount. The borrower was arguing that the bank had lent about $500,000 less than it...
  • BankWest v Callipari [2011] NSWSC 138

    08 March 2011
    There were delays by the borrower in filing a defence. Eventually the proceedings were set down for hearing with an order that the borrower file a defence and evidence in the mean time. The borrower...
  • Murdaca v RAMS Mortgage Corporation [2007] NSWSC 512

    14 May 2007
    The borrower commenced proceedings seeking relief on the grounds that the lender had negligently exercised its power of sale. The court determined that the proceedings were perpetually stayed upon...


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