Valuer Liability

We have been suing negligent valuers for 10 years. During that time we have developed unrivalled expertise in analysing valuations and correctly assessing the prospects and quantum of success. Matthew Bransgrove has presented a paper on valuer liability for the NSW College of Law.

Since the GFC we have acted on over 20 valuer negligence matters and none have gone to trial–all have settled favourably for the lender. This is testament to our thorough and skilled case preparation. As a rule, valuer’s insurers will never settle unless they are convinced that they will lose if the matter goes to trial and that the lender is determined and ready to go to trial. Thus everything depends on putting together a credible case and proceeding towards trial with the intention of litigating.

Our initial approach is to assist you in quantifying your damages and assessing the strength of your case. This initially involves examining the legal issues and if they are in order, commissioning an expert retrospective valuation. Once we are convinced you are going to win and the damages recoverable are worthwhile, we file proceedings. Typically we file in the Federal Court and typically we have settled the matter within 6 months of filing.

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