Property Disputes

By virtue of our extensive involvement in mortgage enforcement over the last twelve years Bransgroves has acted in many of the leading cases in relation to property law. All our partners contribute extensively to the academic literature on property law through our College of Law papers and our article in the Law Society Journal.

Whatever your property related dispute, Bransgroves will be able to identify the crux of the dispute and formulate a strategy to extricate you as efficiently and successfully as possible. Our legal expertise enables us to achieve outcomes for our client, in most cases through the use of interlocutory applications that effectively dispose of the dispute, avoiding the need for a full-blown trial.

  1. Caveats
  2. Compensation from the Torrens Assurance Fund
  3. Constructions loans
  4. Contracts for the Sale of Land
  5. Correction of the register
  6. Crown leases
  7. Easements
  8. Equitable mortgages
  9. Farm Debts Mediation Act
  10. Indefeasibility
  11. Injunctions to restrain sale
  12. Insolvent registered proprietors
  13. Joint tenancies
  14. Joint ventures
  15. Judicial sale
  16. Leases
  17. Life estates
  18. Marshalling
  19. Mortgages
  20. Negligent conveyances
  21. Negligent valuation
  22. Notices to Complete
  23. Purchaser’s lien
  24. Rescission of contracts for sale
  25. Registration
  26. Restrictive covenants
  27. Right to possession
  28. s66(G) applications
  29. Stamp duty
  30. Strata title
  31. Sub-division
  32. Tenancies in common
  33. Transfers
  34. Vendor finance
  35. Writ of possession
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