Mortgage Enforcement

Lenders using our services for the first time will find that no fact situation or legal dilemma gives us pause because we have seen it all before and are geared to act quickly and cost effectively. The sheer volume of mortgage enforcement work means that even our junior solicitors have more experience in this field than partners at other firms.

The advantages of this specialisation are not limited to expertise. Typically, we have multiple matters in the possession list; this means that there are significant cost savings as attendance costs can be spread over multiple matters.

Our clients also find that interlocutory applications, such as applications for summary judgment, are for the most part dealt with in-house, reducing the need to retain barristers.

The familiarity our solicitors have with the quirks and peculiarities of the individual registrars and associate judges ensure that all the documents they require are available and, so applications do not have to be adjourned.

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