Vivienne Zheng is our Chinese Client Concierge. All loans involving Chinese investors are monitored by Vivienne. This means you can call Vivienne any time, day or night and she will know exactly what is happening in your matter and be able to explain it to you in Chinese. All major documents are translated by Vivienne into Chinese and these are emailed to you. This gives you a feeling of control and security knowing that you can communicate with Bransgroves as easily as you would back home in China.

Vivienne graduated from East China University of Political Science and Law. She worked for China's well-known law firms Zhonglun and Guohao Law Firms in the property and finance fields in both mainland China and Hong Kong. Vivienne came to Australia in 2017 to study law in the Australian system. She has almost finished her degree and later this year will be a fully qualified Australian Lawyer. She holds Australian official certification to Chinese - English interpretation. Vivienne joined Bransgroves in mid 2018 as our Chinese Client Liaison Officer.

Vivienne Zheng在我们律所负责为中国客户提供服务,她密切关注律所中所有涉及中国投资者的贷款。这也意味着您能够随时打电话给Vivienne, 她会告诉您案件的最新动态并且用中文为您解释。所有的重要文件都将由Vivienne为您翻译成中文并且电子邮件发送给您。您可以轻松的和Bransgroves的律师们交流,就像在中国一样没有语言障碍。这确保您能够及时掌握案件进展情况,保障您的知情权。

Vivienne毕业于华东政法大学,她曾在中国知名律所中伦,国浩工作过,涉及领域包括中国大陆以及香港的财产及金融业务。Vivienne于2017年到澳大利亚学习澳大利亚的法律。她即将完成她的学位并预计在今年底被认证为澳洲律师。她拥有澳大利亚官方认证的中英口译资格。 Vivienne在2018年中旬加入Bransgroves律师行,负责与中国客户的沟通及联系,以提供更高效的服务。