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Sep 2015What can solicitors do to reduce mortgage fraud?
Nov 2014Forged Payment Directions Cut Lenders as Deep as a Forged Mortgage
June 2013Advising vulnerable borrowers on mortgage transactions
Feb 2013Lehman’s – a lesson for investors and banks
Oct 2012Registered Mortgagee loses priority to the ATO
Nov 2011Jury election in defamation cases left untrammelled
Dec 2010Ambulatory clauses can be safely used in registered charges
Nov 2009High Court finds the doctrine of agency to apply to brokers
Oct 2009Identify the borrower or risk a cancelled mortgage
Aug 2009High Court clarifies the limits of the equitable doctrine of contribution
Jun 2009Guarantees: draft carefully to survive unathorised variation
Apr 2009Lender beware: Does the power of attorney authorise ancillary transactions?
Sep 2008What is a Contract under the Consumer Credit Code
Apr 2008High Court’s decision highlights danger in transferring mortgages
Apr 2007What is the a farm for the purpose of the Farm Debts Mediation Act
Nov 2004What can solicitors do to reduce mortgage fraud