Connective threaten Matthew Bransgrove

Matthew Bransgrove has been personally threatened by Connective in an attempt to dissuade him from publishing a video on YouTube in which he interviewed a former Connective Broker. Bransgroves Lawyers acted for a Broker who Connective accuse of misconduct and whose trail commission they went so far as to confiscate. The matter went before the MFAA Disciplinary Tribunal and the broker was found to have done nothing wrong. Connective, whose officer Mark Haron is a  board member of the MFAA, stated that it was not bound by the MFAA findings and refused to admit it had made a mistake.

Matthew Bransgrove has a regular YouTube show entitled Broker Alerts. Last week Bransgroves wrote to Connective and sought comment on the video before it was published. The main thrust of the interview was that Connective had never specified why they concluded that the broker was guilty of misconduct. Their lawyer wrote to Bransgroves and, for the first time, gave a reason.  To wit that two loan applications were supported by false employer details. However no assertion that the broker was in cahoots with the fraudulent borrower made.

Matthew Bransgrove was not intimidated and made a robust reply pointing out the flaws in Connective’s position.

Please note Connective gives their side of the story in this threatening letter sent to us this afternoon. We refused to be intimidated and present this video unedited.



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