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Our goal is quality of life

Thomas Jefferson wrote:

If we are in some degree made for others, we are in a greater degree made for ourselves. It would be indeed ridiculous to suppose a man had less right in him­self than one of his neighbors.

We agree and for this reason we believe the attitude “we own you 24 hours a day” or even “12 hours a day” is unethical, unnecessary and unimaginative. We only take on clients we can provide sterling service to without overstretching ourselves. We see the choice of work and choice of client as being central to our main goal which is an enjoyable work life. We choose cases where our special skills and ongoing research give us the competative edge.

Our balanced working environment

Each new addition to our solicitor is given a careful mix of cases to run when they arrive. Over the following months the solicitor is encouraged to nominate the type of cases they prefer. Within a year or so their good relations with their clients mean they are receiving most of their cases from their client base. This allows our solicitors to develop congenial relations with their clients and take advantage of the efficiencies that come from such relationships.

Our solicitors are encouraged to enjoy their life and to that end they can work remotely. This is possible because of our paperless office and highly efficient systems and workflow database.

We have embraced technology and encouraged our clients to do everything via email rather than telephone. We believe the telephone causes stress because it requires two people to come together at the same time whereas email allows each party to work on a problem when it suits them (even if it is in a different time zone).

Our optic fibre link to the Internet, cloud based servers and Citrix system makes working from home or even from overseas if you are travelling not just possible but just as fast as being on premises.

Work Life Quality

At Bransgroves, we encourage a highly professional, yet relaxed, working environment. Our office is an open plan in which partners, associates, junior solicitors and law clerks all rub shoulders. This egalitarian atmosphere encourages personal and career growth uninhibited by the heirarchy found in the traditional law firm.

Bransgroves places a high value on allowing staff balance their work and personal/family responsibilities. To this end solicitors set their own hours and are encouraged to work from home at least one or two days per week. Solicitors who are parents are encouraged to arrive late or leave early to drop or collect their children to and from school and to go to concerts etc.

A move to Bransgroves provides the flexibility of self employment without the concerns of lack of work and ongoing administrative support. You are your own boss and as long as your clients are happy you can set your own hours. These days commercial clients are willing to deal mostly by email. They do not care when you turn work around, whether it is late at night, early in the morning or during regular hours−so long as the work is turned around within 24 hours.

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