College of Law

Our partners are authorities on the subject of mortgage law and have presented the following seminars for the NSW College of Law (a division of the NSW Law Society). Contact Bransgroves if you would like to obtain a pdf copy of the papers.

  1. Indefeasibility of Mortgage Title
  2. Mortgage Drafting in NSW 
  3. Mortgage Priorities
  4. The Rights of Mortgagors
  5. The Rights of Mortgagees
  6. Mortgagees’ Power of Sale
  7. Discharge of Mortgage
  8. Contracts Review Act Defences to Mortgages
  9. Equitable Defences to Mortgages
  10. Variation, Assignment & Transfer of Mortgages
  11. Mortgagor’s power to mortgage
  12. Enforcement of Mortgages
  13. Regulatory Structure of Managed Investments
  14. Licensing a Responsible Entity
  15. Proportionate liability in claims against valuers
  16. Proportionate liability 5 years on
  17. Examinations under the Corporations Act and ASIC Act