Career Development

We take the view that your professional development is our gain. Typically our solicitors are assigned matters that match their skill-set plus one or two that challenge them to grow their skills. Our partners stand by to assist with regular consultations.

In addition to highly experienced partners we have an excellent relationship with a well-trained stable of barristers, including both senior and senior-junior counsel. We encourage our solicitors to use counsel for guidence in a liberal manner, we will often pay for advices out of our own pocket to ensure that our work is correct. In addition to leveraging off our partners’ experience and counsels’ guidance, we also have a extensive library of pleadings and advices.

We encourage our solicitors to lecture for the College of Law on subjects which will assist them to develop their knowledge. We provide funds so that the papers can be settled by experienced counsel. We encourage our lawyers to write for the Law Society Journal and to speak at industry meetings arranged by our marketing partner.

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