Our paperless office

We operate a paperless office. There are no paper files, no in-trays, and no lost documents. Every document mailed, emailed, faxed or couriered to our office is stored as a PDF image in a clearly indexed electronic file.

Our filing system

Our intuitively structured files do not require a database to read. This means they can be provided via dropbox to clients with three or four clicks of the mouse. This applies equally to current files or a file that is years old. A full copy of your file can be obtained without charge by emailing us at any time up to seven years after the file has closed. We backup to mirror drives daily, offsite drives weekly and store encrypted date stamped back-ups in three separate remote locations.

Our tracking database

Bransgroves Lawyers use a custom-built SQL database to track all our clients’ matters and to balance the load between our solicitors. The database tracks court dates and also manages work flow in relation to critical litigation milestones. It allows our solicitor and paralegal staff to work seamlessly independent of space and time.

Our optic fibre internet connection

Our internet connection is fibre all the way to our network. This mammoth bandwidth allows us to:

  1. collaboratively work with our clients on live documents from the comfort of our respective offices,
  2. send and receive vast quantities of documentation for e-discovery,
  3. send our clients large files via drop-box,
  4. remote access across our VPN using RSA token devices and experience the same speed as we would in the office,
  5. outsource to our e-discovery contractors in the Philippines.
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