Our billing practices unquestionably result in lower bills and less aggravation for our clients:

  1. We do not charge for copying or forwarding incoming emails to our clients;
  2. We do not charge clients for brief telephone calls;
  3. We do not charge clients for photocopying, faxing fees, non-bulk copying or scanning;
  4. We never fail to bill at least monthly. If an intense period is afoot we bill even more frequently, sometimes even daily, so that our clients receive no nasty surprises;
  5. Every item we bill is evidenced by a document that the client has seen. We never charge for “reviewing the file” or “researching” or other intangibles that other lawyers use to pad bills;
  6. If a client disputes an item or items on our bill we generally concede the point and move on.

All bills are emailed in pdf format with a full itemisation of all costs and disbursements. Each item is reflected by an email, letter or pleading on our electronic file. This allows our clients to review the bill by reference to a copy of our file which we are happy to provide free of charge at any time.

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