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Bransgroves Lawyers is a banking and finance law firm based in Sydney operating throughout Australia.

We specialise in acting on Private Mortgage transactions and related commercial litigation.

From its inception the firm has specialised in acting on mortgage advances, enforcement, and discharges. Through this speciality we have become involved in assisting lenders in recovering funds from negligent professionals and representing brokers and broker groups who are unjustly dealt with by banks and aggregators.

Practice Areas

Our solicitors have decades worth of experience in running mortgage and mortgage industry related litigation in the Supreme Courts of Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

We understand that litigation can be a trying experience for our clients and we aim to solve your disputes and run your litigation in the most proactive, commercially sensitive and cost effective way possible.


Bransgroves Lawyers is the trading name of Bransgroves Pty Limited, an incorporated legal practice founded in 2001.

For the first half of the 2000s we specialised in acting on mortgage enforcements and advances for private lenders and mortgage funds. During this time construction finance and private loans formed a large part of our practice.

Over the course of the second half of the 2000s, we came to the attention of institutional lenders, who began to brief us on their more complex advances, enforcement and priority work. We also established one of the largest valuer negligence practices in the country.

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